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10 Must-Have Items In Your Closet

Our closets are always overflowing with clothes, shoes, bags and more. Sometimes they can be so crowded that it is difficult to find what you are looking for. It would be nice if everything got organized when we close the door on our way out in the morning, but it doesn’t. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure your closet is stocked with the ten items you will read about in this article.

Photo by Ussama Azam on Unsplash

#1: The Little Black Dress

The little black dress can be worn on so many occasions; it’s a good idea to always have one in your wardrobe. A woman could get invited out for dinner and needs an outfit fast; here is where the little black dress comes in handy. Just dress it up with accessories, and you’re good to go!

#2: Classic, Durable Pair of Black Pumps

Depending on the style, you can wear heels all day long without your feet hurting. If they are not comfortable, however, you will regret buying them. Make sure that they fit you well, and you are comfortable in them. You don’t want to be hobbling home in your new pair of shoes after a night out with friends!

#3: Trench Coat

Trench coats are so versatile. They can be worn during fall weather but also in spring, even in summer if it’s not too hot. It’s always nice to have a versatile coat in your closet. You can wear it with jeans, but also dress it up with skirts and dresses.

#4: 5 T-shirts

You will probably want more than just five t-shirts in your wardrobe. However, these are the ones you should seriously consider buying. They’ll last for years and can be worn on several occasions.

#5: Sexy Black Dress

A sexy black dress is another item of clothing that you will probably wear more than you think. It’s perfect to wear for a night out or even during the day if it’s not too revealing. Make sure this dress fits perfectly and accentuates your hips and bust without drawing too much attention to the minuses of your body.

#6: A Pair of Jeans

You can’t have enough denim! Whether you like ripped jeans or prefer super skinny, one pair of jeans for women is never enough. Make sure that they fit you perfectly and accentuate your assets. You should be comfortable in them, so try on several pairs before you actually buy.

#7: Black Leather Jacket

This is a must-have for all fashionistas! A black leather jacket is perfect to wear during fall and winter, and even spring can be chilly. It will go with so many outfits, and it is versatile as well. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of it if you buy a great quality one.

#8: Jeans and Shirt Combination

Jeans and shirts should always go together, and it’s their perfect match! You can wear either jeans or shorts with almost every shirt you have in your wardrobe. Make sure they fit well and accentuate your body’s assets appropriately.

#9: Black Trousers

A black pair of trousers is a must-have in every woman’s closet. It goes with so many things, and it can be worn on casual occasions but also during the day when you’re going to work. The only thing that matters is that they fit you well and don’t look too tight or too loose either.

#10: Pashmina

A pashmina is perfect to have if you live somewhere where it’s cold a lot of the year. It goes with so many outfits, and it will keep you warm everywhere. It can be a bit pricey, but a classic one that you absolutely love is worth every penny!

Bonus Tip: A Classic Watch

A classic watch is another item of clothing that you should invest in. It is the perfect accessory and will make your outfit look more classy. It can be worn on several occasions, and it suits virtually every style. Make sure it’s comfortable to wear as well! It’s not worth buying a watch that doesn’t fit your wrist if you have to adjust the strap all the time.

There You Have It

These are the ten items every woman should own. However, you can modify this list depending on your personal style. The sexy black dress, for example, is not very versatile or practical in some women’s eyes who prefer to wear jeans and shirts, but that’s totally okay! No outfit will ever go out of style because fashion is always changing. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality that will last you for years because it’s worth it!



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