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5 Must Wear Fashion Items at Your Local Casino

Casinos are not all about skills and luck, but fashion too. Your choice of clothing may not directly contribute to or affect your gameplay, but it still does in a way. 

The most important thing to note about whatever fashion you go for is your comfort. Some other factors could affect the dress code. These include the weather, a casino’s dress code, if any, and maybe how the person feels. If the person feels happy, they could wear vibrant colored clothes and dull clothes when they are in low spirits. 

Different casinos in the US may have different dress code requirements. This map of US casinos across different states offers players the list of casinos in their local area.  Below are our top five picks on clothes to wear while going to these casinos.

For Men

Neat Blue Jeans

Jeans may look like a simple look, but they are always effective. Our preference is a blue pair of tailored jeans. Not just because of the color of the jeans, but because it can be an official look, or unofficial, depending on what you match the jeans with. It is most appropriate not to wear ripped jeans because they just seem to remove an element of seriousness from you.

If you would love to go for an official look with jeans, then wearing probably a white shirt and a black tie could do the trick for you. A tailored coat would be nice to match, though it is not necessary. If you prefer a casual look, wearing a neutral-colored t-shirt with no weird writings or sayings would work.

Smart pants

We all know that pulling off a look in jeans, especially an official look, maybe a bit tough. That should probably be left for the fashion lords. For a normal gambler who wants to look good and feel comfortable, a pair of smart pants, preferably tailored, would do the trick. The color should always remain neutral, maybe black, grey or dark blue.

Khaki pants would also fall under this category, as they do almost any. Maybe you are going to the casino for the first time, and they have a dress code you are not aware of. Wearing smart pants would lessen your chances of being kicked out for inappropriate dressing. 

Semi-Casual shoes

We all love sneakers, or at least most of us do. However, when going to a casino, especially a high-end one with a VIP section, it is advisable not to go for that look. Choosing semi-casual shoes like loafers over sneakers could prove to be a very wise decision. It could come in handy especially if you a looking to access the VIP area.

These shoes have an advantage because they always compliment whatever you wear them with. If you choose to wear jeans with these shoes, then they make the look seem more official. If you wear them with a suit or tailored smart pants, then they make you look casual. Either way, they always fit and are comfortable.

A neat button-down shirt

The main reason why online casinos are becoming more popular is because of the hecticness of things like this. Picking casino attire can be tough sometimes, and a shirt can always give you a headache. The most recommended look is one with long sleeves, probably white. However, in the summer, your decision could haunt you, and you would wish you went for a short-sleeved shirt, which is also fine.

While debating what type of shirt to wear, there is one obvious one to avoid, unless the casino you are playing in is in Hawaii. Hawaiian shirts. They often have too many vibrant and shouting colors. Most casinos, especially in the VIP area, will not take you seriously in one of those.

A Suit

 A suit is the most obvious look for most men, especially if you want to play it safe in the fashion department. A suit will always come to the rescue, but the color is important. A crazy color would be just that, crazy. When wearing a suit, it gives you the chance to rock a pair of sneakers, which may just be perfect for you.

For Ladies

Conservative Cocktail dress

By conservative, the first thing that comes to mind might be a long dress that covers the whole of your body, but that is not what is being referred to here. A conservative cocktail dress is not a mini dress or shows too much skin. Most casinos will have a dress code to be followed, but a standard dress will beat it.

A pair of flats

Shoes can be a big bother, especially if they are heels. Most casinos cover a large surface area, therefore walking could be a problem, especially if there is congestion. Also, flats always complement most types of clothes, whether it is a dress, casual jeans, or even a pair of jeans. Flats to avoid are a pair of sandals, as they may appear too informal.

A versatile blouse

A good all-around blouse would be effective if you are unsure of what time you will be going to the casino. A versatile blouse could work for both day and night attire, and it still brings out style. Also, it can be worn with jeans, a skirt, or a pair tailored to official trousers.

A Suit

It does not matter whether it is a skirt suit or one with a pair of trousers, ladies always rock suits. They are both casual and official at the same time and are comfortable to be in for a long time. Also, it does not matter what time it is, a suit can be rocked at any time.

Neat blue jeans

Jeans can be worn by anyone, and look good. If the idea is to look casual but presentable, jeans are the perfect fit. They can match heels or flats. Also, you can wear a coat, mostly tailored, to complement the look.


Since each casino has its own set of restrictions, always visit their website for information. It is considerably more critical if you are visiting a casino outside of the United States. Dress comfortably and have fun with your fashion choices, no matter what they are.



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